Herstmonceux Castle


Located in Sussex : Herstmonceux Castle
Private Residence
Performance Space: Hall
Width: 28' Length: 54'

The 2-storey hall had 5 bays lit by 4 pairs of 2-light windows high on the N and S walls. The measurements of the hall and its 28' high roof are as given by Venables, 'Herstmonceux and its Lords,' 176.

Entrance to the hall was at the low end from the cloister running along the exterior S side. There was a minstrels' gallery at the lower end of the hall above the screens entrance where 2 doors led to the service rooms. Entrance to the family's private apartments was through a door at the upper end. There was probably an open hearth originally in the centre of the hall with a ventilation louvre in the roof above; no indication of wall fireplaces survives.