Development Team


Stephen Johnson


Beth Zdriluk (Database Coordinator)

Alexis Butler (Research Coordinator)

To date, on the web site, the following have contributed their time and talents:

Jenny Hu (Database Design)

Sian Meikle (Original Database Design, Web Application)

Robert H. Michels (Database Consultant)

Gordon Belray (Database Web Design)

Gordon Belray, Jenny Hu (Past Database Web Design)

Kelli Babcock, Chul Hee-Yoon, Bilal Khalid, Ken Yang, Sean Zhao (Web Application Programming and Configuration)

Bilal Khalid, Sharon Wang (Past Programmers)

Byron Moldofsky (Interactive Maps Research and Design)

Marieange Beaudry (Interactive Maps Research and Design)

Sally-Beth MacLean (Consultation)


Note: Research Team participants are normally responsible for searching a full journal-year, notating pertinent information, and writing a report on their findings and on the performance culture of the journal. They may also be involved in one or more of the following: data entry; biographical or venue research and writing; research and writing about songs and acts; map research and compilation; general bibliographical research. See our homepage for links.