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Stephen Johnson (Project Director)

Sian Meikle (Original Database Design and Web Application; overall Robarts supervisor)

Robert H. Michels (Original Database Consultant)

Gordon Belray (Original Database Web Design)

Bilal Khalid (Database Programmer and Consultant)

Nick Marquis (Juba Project Web Design)

Byron Moldofsky (Interactive Maps Research and Design)

Marieange Beaudry (Interactive Maps Research and Design)

Sally-Beth MacLean (Consultation)

Pam King (Senior UTM Librarian, Coordinator for Legacy Website)

Mike Serafin (UTM Information Technology Specialist for Legacy Website)

Kelli Babcock (Digital Initiatives Librarian)

Sunny Lee (Digital Initiatives Programmer Analyst)


NOTE:  This database was created in association with a cognate project, the Patrons and Performers Database created by Sally-Beth MacLean and her team at the Records of Early English Drama at the University of Toronto.  The database was originally created for this project, and then revised and expanded to welcome other like-minded projects that sought to document the movements of itinerant performance culture, and thus the dissemination of a culture that has, historically, been difficult to study--being itinerant, and for the most part undocumented.  Tracing the movements of such performers can, among other advantages, help to locate records of their existence in local archives.  We are grateful to REED and to collaborators at Robarts Library for their work on this project, which was first of all available on a stand-alone database written for these projects.  More recently, through further grants, we were able to upgrade the database to the site you see now, preserving all of the original data.


Research Contributors

Beth Zdriluk (Original Project Manager, Database Coordination)

Alexis Butler (Original Project Manager, Research Coordination)

Mark Tuner (Sheet Music Documentation Consultant)

Justin Blum (Website and Design Consultant)


Over the ten years materials have been accumulated and entered into this database, many people have been involved, including the following (though this is not exhaustive):


Jamie Ashby

Paul Babiak

Justin Blum

Jordana Commisso

Dave DeGrow

Carolyn Farrell

Melissa Hamilton

Emma Johnson

Thomas Jones

Karen Lazar

Laura MacDonald

James Mackinnon

Toby Malone

Diana Manole

Mladen Ovadija

Jocelyn Pitsch

Kim Radmacher

Alysse Rich

Birgit Schreyer

Marisa Ship

Danielle Szlawieniec-Haw

Mark Turner

Lydia Wilkinson

Ruth Yateman

Keren Zaiontz

Michael Reinhart

Lisa Aikman

Sebastian Samur

Kelsey Jacobson