Theatre Royal, Haymarket


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Venue Type & Location


Site Name: Theatre Royal, Haymarket
Location: London
County: London (city-county)
Location Type: Town - in town at determined location


  • Address: 7-8 Haymarket, opposite Her Majesty’s Theatre (east side). For a current map, Click Here. For historical maps showing the venue (in addition to those excerpted at right), Click Here, Here, and Here.

  • Alternate Names: Haymarket Theatre, Little Theatre in the Haymarket

  • Performance Space Description: Information about this venue has not yet been compiled; however, some sense of the performance space may be gleaned by following the links at right. In particular:

  • See the 'Bibliographic Sources' link for a provisional list of venue-relevant resources (both primary and secondary). Wherever possible (i.e. when the pertinent text is relatively short and/or easily condensed) this material has been transcribed, and appears beneath the appropriate bibliographic citation.

  • See the 'Events at venue' link for a listing of blackface/minstrelsy-related events that took place in this performance space (with attached bibliographic references).

    Beth Marquis

  • Events at Theatre Royal, Haymarket

    Event Date Venue Location Troupe
    Dramatic 15 March 1847 - 20 March 1847 London, London (city-county) Lantum Serenaders
    Dramatic 26 April 1847 - 1 May 1847 London, London (city-county) New Planet Troupe (London-Haymarket, 47)
    Dramatic 10 May 1847 - 15 May 1847 London, London (city-county) New Planet Troupe (London-Haymarket, 47)
    Dramatic 17 May 1847 - 22 May 1847 London, London (city-county) New Planet Troupe (London-Haymarket, 47)
    Variety 31 May 1847 - 5 June 1847 London, London (city-county) Ethiopian Serenaders (1846-48)
    Dramatic 22 November 1848 - 22 November 1848 London, London (city-county) Hudson
    Dramatic 26 February 1849 - 26 February 1849 London, London (city-county) Wallack, James
    Dramatic 28 February 1849 - 28 February 1849 London, London (city-county) Wallack, James
    Dramatic 12 March 1849 - 17 March 1849 London, London (city-county) Kean, Charles
    Dramatic 19 March 1849 - 23 March 1849 London, London (city-county) Kean, Charles
    Dramatic 9 May 1849 - 9 May 1849 London, London (city-county) Kean, Charles
    Dramatic 15 May 1849 - 15 May 1849 London, London (city-county) Kean, Charles
    Dramatic 15 October 1849 - 20 October 1849 London, London (city-county) Kean, Edmund
    Dramatic 19 November 1849 - 19 November 1849 London, London (city-county) Macready
    Dramatic 26 November 1849 - 26 November 1849 London, London (city-county) Wallack, James
    Dramatic 3 December 1849 - 3 December 1849 London, London (city-county) Wallack, James
    Dramatic 22 January 1851 - 22 January 1851 London, London (city-county) Macready
    Dramatic 27 January 1851 - 27 January 1851 London, London (city-county) Othello Troupe (London-Haymarket, 51)
    Dramatic 8 March 1851 - 8 March 1851 London, London (city-county) Wallack, James
    Dramatic 7 May 1851 - 7 May 1851 London, London (city-county) Wallack, James

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      The authors also quote Arthur Munby’s description of meeting his mistress Hannah (a domestic servant) at the Haymarket in 1860: “to stand in the mob at the gallery door in the Haymarket, to sit in the gallery among the ‘rough’ by the side of a maid of all work, and drink with her out of the same bottle between the acts – is not this the very nadir of vulgarity and degradation?” (190)
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      Also gives the theatre’s capacity (in 1866) as 1500 (789)
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