Theatre Royal, Dublin


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Site Name: Theatre Royal, Dublin
Location: Dublin
County: Dublin
Location Type: Town - in town at determined location


  • Address: Hawkins Street. For a current map, Click Here.

  • Alternate Names: Albany New Theatre (1821).

  • Performance Space Description: Information about this venue has not yet been compiled; however, some sense of the performance space may be gleaned by following the links at right. In particular:

  • See the 'Bibliographic Sources' link for a provisional list of venue-relevant resources (both primary and secondary). Wherever possible (i.e. when the pertinent text is relatively short and/or easily condensed) this material has been transcribed, and appears beneath the appropriate bibliographic citation.

  • See the 'Events at venue' link for a listing of blackface/minstrelsy-related events that took place in this performance space (with attached bibliographic references).

    Beth Marquis

  • Troupes at Theatre Royal, Dublin

    Troupe Troupe Type # of events
    Aldridge, Ira Dramatic 3
    Brooke, G.V. Dramatic 1

    Events at Theatre Royal, Dublin

    Event Date Venue Location Troupe
    Dramatic 5 March 1847 - 6 March 1847 Dublin, Dublin Aldridge, Ira
    Dramatic 8 March 1847 - 13 March 1847 Dublin, Dublin Aldridge, Ira
    Dramatic 15 March 1847 - 17 March 1847 Dublin, Dublin Aldridge, Ira
    Dramatic 27 July 1848 - 27 July 1848 Dublin, Dublin Brooke, G.V.

    Bibliographic Sources

    • Arthur Lloyd Website. 05/22/2008 (

      ”Theatre Royal, Hawkins Street, Dublin, Ireland […]

      A short History

      The Theatre Royal, in Hawkins Street, Dublin originally opened on the 18th of January 1821. It was built with money raised by debentures by Mr. Calcraft and had its own company, many members of which spent practically their whole professional life in the Theatre. This first Theatre Royal in Hawkins Street was totally destroyed by fire in 1880. (Feb. 9)

      A new Theatre with the same name was built on the site of the old which opened on the 13th of December 1897. This new Theatre Royal presented every type of entertainment from Pantomime to Variety.

      The second Theatre Royal was finally demolished in the early 1930s and yet another new Theatre Royal arose in its place, opening on the 23rd of September 1935.

      This Theatre was designed by the architect, Leslie Norton and had an Art Deco exterior and, in contrast, a Middle Eastern Moorish interior. The Theatre had a 40 foot stage depth and was fitted with a large screen for Cinema use.

      Sadly this Theatre succumbed to the pressures of other media such as Television and was finally closed on June the 30th 1962 and subsequently demolished. […]”
    • Lost Theatres in Ireland Website. 09/14/2008 (

      1821 - Albany New Theatre. In 1822 was renamed Theatre Royal, Hawkins Street (Architect: Samuel Beazley). Burnt down 1880.

      Replaced in 1886 by Leinster Hall (Architect: C. J. Phipps) as a Music Hall. Closed in 1895 & demolished 1896/7.

      Replaced by Second Theatre Royal (Architect: Frank Matcham) opened in 1897. Seated 2,001.
      Also known as the Theatre Royal and Opera House, and later as the Theatre Royal, Hippodrome. Demolished in 1934.

      Third Theatre Royal (Architects: Leslie C. Norton//Scott & Good) built 1935. Closed 1962. Demolished.

      Hawkins House (Offices) now on site.

      {Third Theatre Royal: Proscenium arch with full flying facilities & orchestra pit. Seated 3,800 on 4 tiers. Compton Cinema Organ. (1951)}.
    • Morash, Christopher. A History of Irish Theatre, 1601-2000. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2002.