South American Minstrels, 25 Aug. 1845 -25 Aug. 1845, London


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Troupe: South American Minstrels (

same as American Southern Minstrels??

Venue Type: Pleasure Gardens
Location: London
County: London (city-county)
Type: Variety
Venue: Vauxhall Gardens
Date: 25 August 1845-25 August 1845
Date notes: Monday

Bibliographic Sources

  • University of Bristol, Theatre Collection Playbill (Vauxhall) - August 25, 1845
    Info in Record:
    • Performance Type:
    • Troupe Name: “the South American Minstrels”
    • Performers Listed: “Mr. J. Milliscent on the Bone Castanets, Mr. King on the Tamborine, Mr. Lee and Mr. J.W. Sharp with the Banjos”.
    • Days & Times: “Monday, August 25th, 1845”
    • Venue Name: “Royal Gardens, Vauxhall”
    • Other Acts on Bill: Extensive Listing; see attached document scan
    • Program Info: South American Minstrels: not specified. Also, (other race-related): “stupendous Dioramic View of the Golden Temple of Honan”
    • Other:
      performance time,
      ticket info