Female American Serenaders, 21 Jul. 1847 -21 Jul. 1847, Bristol


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Minstrel Show

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Troupe: Female American Serenaders (

Miami not always listed (e.g. Bristol, 1848);
Hodson - "conductor" (at least in Sheffield, 1847)

Venue Type: Theatre
Location: Bristol
County: Bristol (city-county) in Gloucestershire
Type: Minstrel Show
Venue: Theatre Royal, Bristol
Date: 21 July 1847-21 July 1847
Date notes: Wednesday

Bibliographic Sources

  • Bristol Mirror July 24, 1847: Referenced in University of Bristol, Barker Collection.
    Info in Record:
    • Performance Type:
      Minstrel Show
    • Troupe Name: “The Female American Serenaders”
    • Days & Times: “Wednesday” (past – July 21)
    • Venue Name: “the Theatre”
    • Program Info: “songs” – some of “a plaintive character” and other “irresistibly comic”
    • Other: