Female American Serenaders, 17 Apr. 1847 -17 Apr. 1847, Lancashire


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Troupe: Female American Serenaders (

Miami not always listed (e.g. Bristol, 1848);
Hodson - "conductor" (at least in Sheffield, 1847)

Troupe: Betty, Henry
Venue Type: Theatre
Location: Manchester
County: Lancashire
Type: Dramatic
Venue: Queen's Theatre
Date: 17 April 1847-17 April 1847
Date notes: Saturday; Part of a longer run

Event Program

Title Performed Person / Troupe Notes Type
Othello Henry Betty/ Betty, Henry


  • Othello - Mr. Henry Betty
  • Iago - Mr. H. Lacey
  • Duke - Mr. Redford
  • Cassio - Mr. Wyndham
  • Roderigo - Mr. Manley
  • Brabantio - Mr. Saville
  • Montano - Mr. Foote
  • Ludovico - Mr. Freeman
  • Gratiano - Mr. Hine
  • Emilia - Mrs. Walton
  • Desdemona - Mrs. Wyndham
  • Play
    New Grand Medley Overture Female American Serenaders

    "in which is introduced several National Melodies"

    Song, Overture
    Programme for de Concert, De Female American Serenaders Solo & Chorus, Song
    Flora May Cora/ Female American Serenaders Song, Ballad
    American Jack Sheppard, The Yarico/ Jumba/ Female American Serenaders Song, Duet
    Overture, consisting of Selections of Airs from 'Masaniello' Female American Serenaders Song, Overture
    Old Dan Tucker Rosa/ Female American Serenaders Song
    Who's dat knocking at de Door Jumba/ Female American Serenaders Song & Chorus
    Railroad Overture Female American Serenaders Song, Finale

    Bibliographic Sources

    • British Library, BL Mic. C. 13137 Playbills 251: April 16, 1847 (Queen's)
      Info in Record:
      • Performance Type:
      • Troupe Name: “The Female American Serenaders”
      • Performers Listed: Serenaders: “Mesdames Cora, Womba, Yarico, Woski, Jumba, Miami, & Rosa”. Othello: “Mr. Henry Betty” (Othello), “Mr. H. Lacey” (Iago), “Mr. Redford” (Duke), “Mr. Wyndham” (Cassio), “Mr. Manley” (Roderigo), “Mr. Saville” (Brabantio), “Mr. Foote” (Montano), “Mr. Freeman” (Ludovico), “Mr. Hine” (Gratiano), “Mrs. Walton” (Emilia), “Mrs. Wyndham” (Desdemona).
      • Days & Times: “On Saturday Evening, April 17th, 1847”
      • Venue Name: “Queen’s Theatre”
      • Other Acts on Bill: “the laughable Piece in Two Acts, of X.Y.Z. Or Wives by Advertisement” (3rd on Bill).
      • Program Info: “Shakespeare’s Play in Five Acts, of Othello” (1st), “a Grand American Concert of Vocal and Instrumental Music, including the principal Songs and Airs with which the public have been familiarized by the Ethiopian Serenaders; and also several Native Melodies quite new to European Associations.” (2nd) Complete program of the Concert provided (and transcribed in the relevant event record in this database).
      • Other:
        performance time,
        ticket info,
        other (surrounding events at venue, venue regulations)