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The following bibliographic sources were used in JUBA's research. Specific bibliographic sources are also linked from individual person, event, venue and troupe pages.

The Bibliography contains all sources used to compile the Early Blackface Minstrelsy in Britain Database. At this stage of our data entry, most documentation you will find here will be from nineteenth century daily and weekly British journals, searched by our Research Participants; all such entries are linked to one or more of the database entries: Event, Individual, Troupe, Venue, Documentation.

Era (London) August 5, 1849: 5:3.
Info in Record: Description of “The Goodwill Cups”, which notes that the base of the third cup is decorated with an image of “American Indians on horseback spearing a bison or wild bull of the prairie”.
Era (London September 3, 1848: 9:4, 10:1-2.
Info in Record: 2.5 columns dedicated to the call for free-grown sugar in an effort to end "the hateful trade." Of interest: Detailed description of inhumane conditions on slavers (boats) for Africans.
Friend (London) June, 1847: 119: ?.
Info in Record: Description of an “Anti-Slavery Meeting of Friends” that took place "at Gracechurch Street," “After the sitting on Fourth-day evening, the 26th”
Friend (London) June, 1847: 119: 2.
Info in Record: Heading: Anti Slavery Meeting of Friends
Friend (London) September, 1846: 163.
Info in Record: Article about "Anti-Slavery Feeling in Virginia"
Friend (London) September, 1846: 164.
Info in Record: "Memoir of Rebecca Butler, a Coloured Girl." Details of the death of Ms. Butler in prison.
Theatrical Journal (London) February 25, 1843: 64:1.
Info in Record: In the Chit Chat column under “Good Farming:” “Sambo, is your master a good farmer?” O, yes, massa, fuss rate farmer – he make two crops in one year.” “How is that Sambo?” “Why, he sell all his hay in de fall, and make money once; den in de spring he sell de hides of cattle dat die for the want of de hay, and make money twice.”
Theatrical Journal (London) August 8, 1846: 249:1-250:1.
Info in Record: A piece about the value of relaxation and repose, which quickly takes on a political tenor. Amongst other things, it includes the following: “We may be termed in some measure a ‘facetious nation;’ we pay millions to emancipate the black slave, whilst we do much to rivet his fetter on our own countrymen, making them more slaves than those to whom we presented joy and freedom.”
Theatrical Journal (London) July 3, 1847: 209-210:1.
Theatrical Observer (London) September 18, 1844: 1-2.
Info in Record: Account of Actor George Frederick Cooke berating his audience, making reference to the abolition movement: