Digital Research & Scholarly Communication Librarian

Summer is approaching, and we've all spent far too much time inside, peering into computers. Now it's time to enjoy the sun. But grab your favourite mobile device before you dash out the door.  We think you will find this new issue of Foreword an engaging read.

In this issue, the Acting Chief explains how the Library looks at value and impact in assessing its contribution to the academic enterprise. One of our librarians shares a personal reflection on the Library’s essential mission to provide an “interactive and collaborative student learning environment.” And, we share some fascinating 'insider' comments from members of the UT Mississauga Library’s Advisory Committee

The Library has many quiet initiatives that you may have missed during your last virtual or in-person visit. Learn about our curated digital exhibits of student work, Not Yet a Double and Arpilleras, developed this year, as well as the Open Access Author Fund, which assists faculty and graduate students publish their research so that everyone has a chance to read about it. And although Blackboard keeps many of us fully engaged, you may not know that the Library is the heart of Blackboard support. Blackboard is one of the essential services the UTM Library’s Instructional Technology Team offers and describes in Behind the Scenes. Twitter Time introduces you to the Library’s year-and-a-half experiment with its social media strategy.

But don’t stop there. We have new staff to introduce and a new website to advertise, and  we know you’ll enjoy the video interview with Dr. Shafique Virani

And while you’re enjoying the sun and reading our news, don't forget to drop us a line. We always like to know how you think we can improve our services.

Happy reading!

Pam King